Survivors are out of breath: The CALACS present “Aching to be heard”  

15 September 2023

Montreal, september 15th 2023 – The Regroupement québécois des Centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (RQCALACS) and its members (CALACS) are launching their campaign « Aching to be heard » as part of the 42nd Day of action against sexual violence against women. 

Each year, anchored in the activist tradition of the CALACS, this day aims to raise awareness among the population concerning the issues related to sexual violence (SV). For this occasion, participating CALACS are organizing walks, exhibitions, and many other activities across Quebec. 

“Aching to be heard” is a call for mobilization, action, and solidarity. This campaign embodies the alarming reality of women who have suffered SV and who see their voices silenced and their suffering minimized. 

“Sexual violence is an omnipresent and destructive reality that affects 1 in 3 women in Quebec. Unfortunately, many of these women feel exhausted from screaming about the abuse they have suffered, without having their voices truly be heard. Stigma, lack of support and inappropriate reactions from society make their fight for justice even more difficult” explains the CALACS of Trois-Rivières. 

Committing collectively to act against sexual violence means recognizing their experiences and helping to create an environment where they are heard, supported and where the prevention of sexual assault is a real priority. 

Organizations and individuals wishing to participate in the distribution of the “Aching to be heard” campaign material are invited to contact RQCALACS to receive the visual tools in printed and digital formats, produced with the financial contribution of the Department of Justice Canada. 


To find a center near you, browse through the list of resources like CALACS (Sexual Assault Help Centers) or use our service locator.  

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