Prevention, awareness campaigns and training

For the CALACS, educational work with the entire population is essential to deconstruct myths and prejudices about victims and survivors of sexual violence and to change discriminatory attitudes that promote the perpetuation of such attacks.
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The CALACS maintain close ties with educational establishments in their respective regions. Since 2017, they have been deploying the program “Empreinte – Agir ensemble contre les agressions à caractère sexuel”. These workshops, developed jointly with professors Manon Bergeron and Martine Hébert from the Département de sexologie at UQAM, are intended for school staff, parents and students in secondary school grades 2, 3 and 4.

The CALACS also reach a broad audience through information kiosks, awareness campaigns and other prevention activities.

In addition, training is offered to people working in the legal, community, health and social services sectors, among others, to promote helpful attitudes to receive disclosures of sexual violence and adequately direct victims and survivors towards appropriate resources.


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