Help and support for victims and survivors, and their loved ones

The direct assistance offered in the CALACS (Sexual Assault Help Centers) serves women and teenage girls who have experienced a sexual assault recently or several years ago.
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The CALACS offer psychosocial assistance services through phone support, series of meetings with a specialist or even by leading support groups.

Specialists also offer assistance to support victims and survivors with legal and financial processes, court attendance, hospital appointments, claiming compensation, discussing with an employer or an institution, among others, according to their individual journey.

The CALACS can also work with the networks of the victims and survivors to improve their support.

Each CALACS has its specificities. The centers are multiplying initiatives to adapt their intervention tools to the specific realities of the communities they serve. For example, various programs are offered to better help people living with an intellectual disability, in situations of sexual exploitation, and from Aboriginal communities.


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