National day of commemoration

December 06, 2012

12 days of action to eliminate violence against women

The organising committee of the 12 days of action to eliminate violence against women stages, every year, a commemoration in front of the Montreal Court of Justice to remember the 14 women that were killed at the École Polytechnique on December the 6th 1989.

This event allows many people to stress the fact that notwithstanding the progress made for women's rights in Québec, violence against women still exists. Many other commemorative events are held elsewhere in Québec and in Canada. This event is also a time to denounce the impunity encouraged by our judicial and State structures who are unable to garantee the security and respect of women's lives.

In Québec, 31 women were murdered or victims of tentative murder by their spouse or ex-spouse in 2011. An agency such as SOS Violence conjugale receives over 25 000 requests for help every year. These alarming statistics should be perceived as a cry for concerted action, says Manon Monastesse of the Québec Federation of resources for women victims of violence. Our society demonstates a will to establish equality based social dynamics between women and men. Yet it maintains ideologies and structures that act as a screen to this date about the recognition and resolution of the problem of violence against women.

The 6th of December is the time to remember that as long as violence against women exists and is tolerated, our fight to ensure that women live in security and dignity must continue.




Le RQCALACS offre un contrat de travail à temps partiel à une chargée de projet qui coordonnera le déploiement du programme Empreinte- agir ensemble contre les agressions à caractère sexuel, destiné aux jeunes de niveau secondaire, à leurs parents et au personnel scolaire.

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The Calacs launche the campaign #WeBelieveYou : « a plateform to commemorate the courage of thousands of women who at the time of the movement #BeenRapedNeverReported a year ago in November 2014 chose to tell their story or to denounce the sexual violence they had experienced. It is also a way to send a clear and unequivocal message to the victims: we believe you and to the relatives and loved ones: believe them», explains Nathalie Duhamel.

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