37th Day of action on sexual violence against women : the CALACS launch a campaign

September 19, 2018

Montreal, September 19th, 2018 - The Quebec Coalition of Sexual Assault Centers (RQCALACS) and its members highlight, on Friday September 21st 2018, the 37th  day of action on sexual violence against women by launching a new campaign:  Ça me regarde!


Last fall, Quebec experienced a large collective awareness as millions of survivors used the hashtag #MeToo to testify the sexual violence they survived. It is no longer possible to deny the extent of this scourge of society. Now that victims have relatively more spaces to express their experiences, it is time that the population mobilizes to stop sexual aggressions against wome.


With the new campaign, Ça me regarde, the CALACS want to encourage the general public to get involved in the campaign and to take real and concrete actions to fight sexual violence, because we are all affected by this social problem. One year after the #MoiAussi movement, the CALACS are sending a clear message: Against sexual violence, #YouToo have a role to play. All the campaigns’ visuals materials and documents are available on the RQCALACS website.


We also must remember that taking action against sexual violence necessarily implies taking into account that certain realities create contexts of vulnerability that can make some women more susceptible to endure sexual assault. Women with precarious immigration status, women who have functional limitations and / or who are subject to racial prejudice for their gender identity and / or for their sexual orientation. Those women often face specific obstacles, especially in the face of access to services and / or justice or when they speak out. Moreover, the violence suffered by more marginalized women has multiple consequences and they vary according to the source of discrimination.


In times of solidarity with all survivors, the CALACS organize various events throughout Quebec to highlight the importance of engaging in the fight against sexual violence and to empower everyone to play a role.


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