RQCALACS is a non-profit feminist organization that works to provide a better response to women and teenage girls who have been sexually assaulted and to produce tools against sexual violence. Relying on their expertise and values, RQCALACS and their membership work together to find solutions to reduce sexual violence. Their cooperative spirit is driven by their search for common good, equality and social justice for women.



  • Unite all CALACS to provide a common place to express and exchange ideas.
  • Mobilize people and groups in the fight against sexual assaults and violence against women.
  • Instigate social and political changes through public meetings, the media and public forums.

Download the RQCALACS presentation, 2015.


Acknowledge the sharing of power, of information and of access to resources by the creation of inclusive structures and appropriate measures. Include women from different backgrounds and Aboriginal women in its efforts. By women of different backgrounds, we mean women living particular situations that result in discrimination against them: women with physical or intellectual limitations, immigrant or refugee women, women subjected to racism and women of sexual diversity.


Acknowledge and accept the difference and the autonomy of each of its bodies, each of its member centres and each woman in their particular situation. This difference can be reflected in communications, pace, positions adopted and the ways of doing things.


Foster commitment of bodies and members to cooperate in the search for common good, equality and social justice.


35 ans du RQCALACS



Les personnes intéressées ont jusqu'au 20 mai 2019 pour soumettre leur candidature au poste d'agente de liaison au volet diversité et intersectionnalité et au poste d'agente de liaison à l'analyse des enjeux et incidences politiques.

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The Quebec Coalition of Sexual Assault Centers (RQCALACS) and its members highlight, on Friday September 21st 2018, the 37th day of action on sexual violence against women by launching a new campaign: Ça me regarde!

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Le RQCALACS offre un contrat d’un an, avec possibilité de renouvellement, à une agente de liaison responsable du volet analyse des enjeux et incidences politiques.

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