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No to sexual assaults. Let's work together!

Sexual assaults are an act of domination, humiliation, abuse of power and violence committed mainly against women and children. It is a form of social control in the attempt of maintaining fear in women and to keep them in unequal power relations.

Sexually assaulting someone is to impose attitudes, words and actions of sexual nature against the will of the person, through intimidation, threats, blackmail, and verbal, physical and psychological violence.

Sexual assaults are part of the larger problem of violence against women. It's at the heart of our society which has historically maintained unequal relations between men and women. Many myths and prejudices are kept alive in our society regarding this issue.

Although all women could be a victim of sexual assault, studies demonstrate that some are more vulnerable. Some of these are women from visible minorities, Aboriginal women, women with a physical or intellectual disability, lesbians, or women with mental health problems. We can see that there are connections with patriarchy and other contexts of oppression, discrimination and exclusion. These circumstances are capitalism, neocolonialism, sexism, racism, heterosexism, 'ableism', ageism and 'classism'. All these discrimination systems build on one another simultaneously. The crossover of these circumstances is fertile ground for the exploitation of women and lends itself to sexual assault and violence. This convening of discriminatory structures contributes to political, economic, social, psychological and geographical isolation of women and prevents their full participation in Quebec society and the world. It also brings inequalities among women and we are committed to fight them. We also recognize that Aboriginal nations have a right to self-determination and we support them.

It is with this view that the CALACS work to 'implement approaches adapted to different needs, circumstances, interests and priorities as defined by these women.

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The Regroupement québécois des Centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (RQCALACS) and its members will mark the 38th Day of Action on Sexual Violence against Women this Friday, September 20th, by launching a new tool to raise awareness about factors placing women in contexts of vulnerability to sexual violence.

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The Quebec Coalition of Sexual Assault Centers (RQCALACS) and its members highlight, on Friday September 21st 2018, the 37th day of action on sexual violence against women by launching a new campaign: Ça me regarde!

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